Serving the needs of physicians and patients in Southern Nevada.


We are the Clark County Medical Society.

The Clark County Medical Society (CCMS) is the leading physician organization serving Southern Nevada since 1955. As a membership organization, the Medical Society is comprised of physicians, physician assistants, residents and medical students who share the goal to preserve and foster a physician-friendly environment that protects the physician-patient relationship and the delivery of quality health care to Southern Nevada.


Serving our Members



To ensure quality health care in Southern Nevada, we partner with various organizations and accrediting groups to provide vital CME programming to ensure our doctors are up-to-date on the latest best practices in medicine.



With Southern Nevada facing new laws and regulations regarding opioid prescription, medicaid reimbursement rates, and many other issues, we work to organize doctor's voices at the state and county level.


The next generation of health care in Southern Nevada.


As we face a critical shortage of doctors in the valley, CCMS is working hard with the developing medical schools in Las Vegas to ensure the next generation of physicians are trained right here.