Adult Wear the White Coat Internship
March 4-14, 2019

Recognition Dinner at Spiedini Ristorante at the JW Marriott
Thursday, March 14


Physician Volunteers Needed!

The Adult Wear the White Coat Internship relies on the participation of local physicians to offer insight into the professional life of physicians and to expand perspectives on health care issues between the medical community and community leaders .The knowledge and awareness gained from this exchange, gives business leaders, legislators and media personnel a valuable resource to rely on when reporting and/or making decision(s) on healthcare.

To register as a physician volunteer, simply fill out the form below or download the PDF application and send it to


Physician Volunteer Application

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The Recognition Dinner takes place on March 14 at Spiedini Ristorante at the JW Marriott, and offers the opportunity for participants in the program to share their experience.

Sponsorship opportunities for this fantastic event are still available! Contact us at for more information.