Dr. Dylan Wint of Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health gives talk at historic Las Vegas Mesquite Club

During a CCMS Speaker’s Bureau presentation on “The Aging Brain” at the historic Las Vegas Mesquite Club, Dr. Dylan Wint of the Lou Ruvo Center for brain health described the different ways that cognitive function can be affected by age.


“Normal aging should not interfere with cognitive ability,” Dr. Wint said. “Your brain may be slightyly slower, but it is just as accurate.”

The presentation drew a crowd of nearly 50 attendees who were concerned about dementia, alzheimer’s disease, and many other conditions that cause loss of brain function and eventually death.

“We can see the signs of brain disease, but often symptoms don’t develop until the disease has already been present for years,” Dr. Wint said. “Now we are focusing on identifying genetic markers, so we can study patients as the disease progresses -- that will give us better insight into prevention and treatment.”

In addition to discussing potential risk factors and treatment options, Dr. Wint described the many ways that risk factors for cognitive disease can be mitigated through lifestyle choices -- most notably healthy eating and exercise.
“Luckily, behaviours that keep the body healthy such as good diet and exercise have also been shown to reduce risk of developing these conditions,” Dr. Wint said. According to him, healthy habits help negate things that elevate the risk of contracting cognitive disease such as high blood pressure, a sedentary lifestyle, or heavy alcohol consumption.
Dr. Dylan Wint speaking at the Mesquite Club

Cherie Lee Wiliams, the Mesquite Club’s President, said they would be happy to have Dr. Wint back in the future.

“He was a very engaging speaker, and the ladies thoroughly enjoyed his capacity to explain the complexity of the brain,” Williams said. “We would welcome him back anytime.”