A Year in Review

by Dr. Joseph Adashek  President, CCMS

by Dr. Joseph Adashek

President, CCMS

Well, this is it! My last monthly article as my Presidential term comes to an end.

I can tell you that it has been an incredibly difficult and rewarding year. I’m happy that I did it, however, I am also glad that it is only a one-year term.

When I took over as President last June, we did not have a permanent executive director. We did not have working computers and we had a wholly inadequate and antiquated website. The budget for the following year was not done and the new building had a great deal of problems. I can say that there have been some accomplishments of which I am proud.  

First and foremost, we hired Alex Silver to be our full-time Executive Director.  She used to run Planned Parenthood for Southern Nevada and I have never had so many phone calls regarding how excellent a candidate was for a job than Alex.  This, by far, was my best accomplishment! Alex has turned out to be an excellent director, and I feel lucky to have her -- the Society is much better to now have a full time director.

The second great decision was to hire Josh Maceachern to run all aspects of our marketing! I feel like we are not just in the 2000’s but ready for 2020. He has totally updated our monthly magazine and has done an incredible job creating our website. It no longer advertises for events that occurred in 2013. I truly do not know where we would be without Josh.

Janice Poblete, who has been with us for about 13 years, is an incredible asset. We placed Janice in charge of all of our events and meetings and hired a bookkeeper so she can concentrate on those duties. We now will be able to have someone that can obtain sponsors for our events full time.

I have noticed that there are two types of people: those that sit back and complain about things and those that will work hard to change things. I think that what I have found that is most amazing is how many people are willing to spend the necessary time and energy to change things for the better for the doctors of Clark County without any sort of recognition or reimbursement. They do it out of the goodness of their hearts and it is not easy. They usually have their own medical practices and families, and despite this put in a great deal of time and energy to make things better.  

I have to thank Don Havins for his invaluable help to me as well as to the Clark County Medical Society. There always should be someone that makes sure that the bylaws are being followed and also makes sure that each and every dollar that is being spent by the Medical Society is accounted for and that the budget is being followed. Every Medical Society should have someone like Don. For anyone out there who wonders if the money that they pay in dues is being spent frivolously, you can talk to Don. He has been an incredible friend to me and I appreciate his advice more than he will ever know.

Jeff Roth is the incoming President of the Medical Society. We are so lucky to have Jeff as President. He has pretty much been my Co-President as the year as progressed and has helped me with everything and has pretty much had no acknowledgment for doing so. I cannot imagine what my year would have been like without Jeff helping me.

Howard Baron is the incoming President for the Nevada State Medical Society and has his own pediatric GI practice. He is incredibly busy, but he is always there to help me. The same goes for George Alexander and Michael Edwards -- two very busy people, but always willing to help. Jerry Reeves has been the surprise of the year to me. He has helped take over our yearly meeting for the NSMA and is in charge of the delegates from Clark County.

Randy Shelin and Andy Eisen have agreed to be the chairmen of MedPAC -- talk about a thankless job. They are in charge of helping pick which candidates should receive our MedPAC money. They have to show up for all of the interviews of all of the candidates. By the way: If there is anyone out there who says: “The medical society is too liberal or too conservative”, this is the perfect committee to join and help pick out the candidates. The alternative is to decide to complain about whom the medical society chooses.

There has been help from all of the Board of Trustees to make this society better.  What I cannot believe to this day is how many people are willing to give up their valuable time to help give service to their community. It is truly incredible.

Last and of course not least, my wife deserves credit for letting me be President.  To have her husband away from home for many nights of the week attending events and meetings is not fun. She is gave up things to let me be President and I truly appreciate her and love her.

Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to serve as your President.

Joey Adashek, MD FACOG