Clark County Medical Society Members recognized among “Best Doctors in America”


The Clark County Medical Society (CCMS) proudly recognizes 49 physician members who were included in the Best Doctors in America List, an annual list published by Best Doctors that includes the nation’s most respected specialists and outstanding primary care physicians.

Best Doctors, a global benefits provider founded in 1989 by Harvard Medical School physicians, conducts a biannual peer-to-peer poll to identify doctors whom other doctors recognize as the best in their respective fields.

“It is always great to see our physicians being recognized for the great work they do by a national peer-to-peer survey organization,” said CCMS President Dr. Jeffrey Roth. “Congratulations to all the outstanding CCMS members who made the list.”

The Clark County Medical Society is a professional membership organization of over 1,500 doctors in Southern Nevada and works to serve physicians and their patients through education, community outreach, and advocacy.

“We are very proud of the doctors we serve and the work they do to keep our community healthy,” CCMS Executive Director Alexandra P. Silver said. “It’s really an honor to get the opportunity to work with these incredibly talented physicians through their membership in the Clark County Medical Society.”

Members of the Clark County Medical Society who were featured include: Dr. Carlos Fonte, Dr. Cres P. Miranda, Dr. Charles Allen Rhodes, Dr. Douglas A. Thomas, Dr. W. Reid Litchfield, Dr. Donald L. Kwok, Dr. Gregory Kwok, Dr. Jerome Frank Hruska, Dr. Gary R. Skankey, Dr. Eugene L. Spec, Dr. Mark Charles Handelman, Dr. Jerrold Schwartz, Dr. Bradley J. Thompson, Dr. Fadi Braiteh, Dr. Souzan E. El-Eid, Dr. Russel Gollard, Dr. Edwin C. Kingsley, Dr. James Delfino Sanchez, Dr. Nicholas J. Vogelzang, Dr. Zvi Sela, Dr. Derek A. Duke, Dr. Jeffrey Lee Cummings, Dr. Luis L. Diaz, Dr. Paul D. Bandt, Dr. Jocelyn Ivie, Dr. Florence N. Jameson, Dr. Kirsten B. Rojas, Dr. Bruce S. Shapiro, Dr. Mark Doubrava, Dr. Emily L. Fant, Dr. Walter (Russ) Schroeder, Dr. Robert C. Wang, Dr. Doug J. Fife, Dr. Jonathan Strauss, Dr. Ruben J. Acherman, Dr. William Evans, Dr. Abraham Rothman, Dr. Ricardo Samson, Dr. Craig T. Nakamura, Dr. Goesel M. Anson, Dr. Michael C. Edwards, Dr. Julio L. Garcia, Dr. Michael A. O’Hanlan, Dr. Terence G. Banich, Dr. Annabel E. Barber, Dr. John J. Fildes, Dr. Arthur Fusco, and Dr. Sheldon J. Freeman.