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AB474: Is Your Practice Ready?

Every Nevadan, whether physician, patient, or citizen, has been impacted by the prevalence of opioids in our community. In response to the nationwide opioid epidemic and the effects felt in Nevada, Governor Sandoval brought forth legislation known as the Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Act (AB474). Passed unanimously by the legislature, AB474 goes into effect on January 1, 2018 and will impact all prescriptions for controlled substances, although most provisions of the law uniquely apply to controlled substances prescribed to treat pain.

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Working Together on AB 474

Well, it is finally here. AB 474 and all of its components are now the law of the land. If you are a physician that does not to have to prescribe scheduled medications, you can consider yourself lucky. It is rare to see physicians from every specialty and subspecialty united in something, however, it seems that every physician that I know is united in the fact that they do not like this law. Obviously, there are physicians that over-prescribe opioids, however, the other 99 percent of physicians are now forced to understand all the aspects of this law before they write a prescription, or their license could be revoked.   

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