You Only Have One Chance to Make a First Impression

by Dr. Larry Lehrner  Member Since 2011

by Dr. Larry Lehrner

Member Since 2011

The next election is fast approaching- Tuesday November 6, 2018.

Your CCMS Leadership is actively engaged in the process. Candidates are meeting with concerned citizens (also known as special interest groups - yes doctors are also a special interest group), spreading their message and raising money.

In Nevada our Legislators come from all walks of life and are proud to be known as Citizen Legislators. As opposed to most states, in Nevada our Legislature meets only every other year (odd years) for a total of 120 days (February to June) and have essentially no staff.

Being Citizen Legislators, few have in depth knowledge of medical issues. When deciding how to vote on the many bills they will consider, they will reply on friends, family, their life experiences, fellow legislators and hopefully experts in the areas effected by the pending legislation. We need to be their content experts for all things medical.

If we want to be a “player” in the 2019 Legislative session and impact bills related to medicine, the time to meet and get to know our legislators is NOW. If we wait until after the election is over in November it will be too late to have much (any) influence with the legislators.

Your CCMS Leadership has already spent many evenings meeting with candidates to educate them on our issues (retaining the caps in malpractice cases, increasing Medicaid reimbursement, fixing the opioid prescribing mess, etc.). This is where the title of the article comes into play “You Only Have One Chance to Make a First Impression”

While your leadership has started to establish relationships with candidates, candidates want to know how many people we represent and how much we can contribute to their campaign. Time is short - the election is almost upon us. We need to make contributions NOW to candidates who will consult us on medically related issues. We cannot wait for the Legislative session to start in February, find out there is some piece of legislation that will make our life miserable and only then try to engage with the Legislators. It will be too little too late! Let’s make a not only a good but GREAT First Impression and get actively involved NOW with the Legislative campaigns. We need friends in Carson City!

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